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Delta X Portable Real-time Spectrum Analyzer 6Ghz

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Portable spectrum analyzer give you the freedom to move around. iProtect Delta X Real-time Countersurveillance sweeping system and spectrum analyzer. No training needed, easily identify threats with our built in frequency library. Get 24/7 monitoring with Delta X

    • Frequency Range: 9 kHZ-6 Ghz
    • Fields of "Bands" table: Begin, End, Name, Type, Threshold, Priority, Tracker Detection
    • Fields of "Signals" table: Frequency, Bandwidth, Name, dbm Peak level, Danger Level, Peak Danger Level
    • Updated spectrum span: RF Sweep, Guard 24/7:broadband, Signal Analyzer: displayed, selected, real-time, Car Tracker detector: mobile bands
    • Detector's modes: Wide-Range, Signal, Selection
    • Spectrogram's displayed data: Persistence, Live Max, Threshold
    • Spectrum graphs: Spectrogram, Waterfall
    • Displayed dynamic range: 0.5,1,2,5,10,25,50,100,200,500,1000,2000,3000,6000,12000 MHz
    • Temperature Range:0 C to +65 C
    • Spectrum resolution: 9,8 kHz
    • Occupied disk space per 24 hours <12 GB
    • Probe inputs: PROBE
    • Antenna inputs: INPUT, AUX
    • Reaction time: 2-3 sec
    • Update rate 2-3 GHz/sec
  • Fields of "Known Signals" Table: Frequency, BW, Name, Modulation
  • Note: This product is designed for parents to track or monitor their underage children.


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