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Dual Camera Dashcam

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Two is always better than one! This Dual action car camera is equipped with two cameras one is fixed facing the front and the other rotates so you can position this dash camera just they way you want. Packed full of features to meet anyones car cam requirements

Wide angle front camera lens 140degrees

Rear camera lens 120 degrees

Built in GPS logger

Built in screen to watch all the action

High resolutions cameras

Automatic collision recording with G-Sensor automatically save and lock video taken just before and after a crash

Time and date for evidence

IR for better video in dark places

Large recording capacity up to 64GB

Rearview Resolution| 860*480

Front Lens Resolution| 1080P 1920*1080P

Seamless loop recording

Override recording (old footage is erased to make room for new footage)

Use this top of the line Dual Recording Dash Camera to capture your drive for safety and insurance purposes. Or with this small, unobtrusive unit you could capture the cause of a crash or the face of a car thief in HD video!

Note: This product is designed for parents to track or monitor their underage children.


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