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RF/Camera Detector

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About to take a trip and staying at an airbnb? Maybe that hotel is a little shady. Give yourself some piece of mind, check that you really are alone and no one is watching you.


The Lawmate RD-30 Quickly Locates Hidden Wired and Wireless Cameras & More.
Also finds hidden audio, video, cell phone and GPS transmitters as well as all types of hidden cameras.

The all new RD-30 provides professional grade RF and instant hidden camera detection in one professional-grade unit. You can quickly scan a room for hidden audio, video, cell phone or GPS transmitters, as well as hidden cameras that are wired, wireless, on, off, dead or alive. The view finder on the unit finds any camera lens no matter what type of camera it is. With advanced settings and a rugged enclosure for repeated professional use, this new detector offers the power of professional sweep gear in a highly portable and light-weight size.

Hidden Camera Detection:

By using the view finder built into the RD10, you can quickly scan and instantly detect hidden spy cameras. it doesn't matter if the hidden spy camera is on or off, dead or alive, wired or wireless. The view finder instantly detects any hidden camera lens and displays the hidden camera through the view finders.

Silent Covert Pocket Vibration Mode:

Place the RD-30 in your pocket and when it detects eavesdropping it will alert you by silently vibrating. You will know in an instant if it detects an RF bug, cell phone bug or sends a GPS transmission.

Digital and WiFi Detection:

The RD-30 detects digital and WiFi transmissions so you know in an instant it confidential information could be compromised digitally.

Four Detectors In One
Finds Hidden Cameras On/Off, Wired/Wireless, Dead/Alive
Fast RF Scanner Detector - 20 MHz to 6 GHz
Detects Cell Phone and GPS Transmissions
Digital And WiFi Detection
Silent Pocket Vibration Mode
Sensitivity Adjustment
RF Signal Strength Meter Color Light Array
Hidden Camera Finder Blink On/Off
Lightweight and Small
Telescoping Antenna
Instantly Toggles RF Detection To Hidden Camera Detection
LawMate Brand Means Professional Law Enforcement Grade

Note: This product is designed for parents to track or monitor their underage children.


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