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Voice Logger

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Turns Computers into Spy Voice Recorders

Computers make the perfect hidden voice recorder that sit in plain site. Almost all computers have microphones and those microphones can be turned into a covert voice recorder with Paraben's Voice Logger. Voice Logger is a USB drive that contains a specialized app that turns any Windows computer into a hidden voice recorder.

Voice Logger is discreet and can automatically email you all recordings. The stealth mode feature hides the app from the computer user's view they don't know that they are being recorded. The computer's microphone will pick up any conversation on or around the computer. Imagine being able to listen into calls made through the computer (think Skype or Facebook voice calls), conversations in the same room as the computer, or even one side of phone conversations that take place near the computer.

Recordings can be set to automatically start when the microphone detects sound. You can determine the noise level that will trigger a recording, how long that level needs to be reached before a recording starts, and you can even record up to 10 seconds before the conversation begins.

Only works on a windows based pc or laptop.

Stealth Mode - Set up Voice Logger on a target computer and hide it from view

Voice Activated (VOX) - Automatically starts recording when sound levels are above the level you set

Records up to 10 seconds before and 3 minutes after sound is detected

Control how long sound must be above your threshold before recordings begin

Email Recordings - Automatically email recordings to any email address

Quick Collect - Plug Voice Logger into the PC to automatically copy recordings to the Voice Logger USB drive

Scheduler - Schedule times to automatically record

Automatic Recording Deletion - You can have recordings automatically deleted from the computer

Startup Options - Choose to start recording on Windows start, start in stealth mode, and more

Hot Keys - Set hot keys to turn off stealth mode, start recordings, pause recordings, and more

Encrypt Recordings - Set a password for recordings so only you can listen to them

Copy to FTP Server - Automatically upload recordings to your own FTP server (FTP server not included)

Noise Suppression - Set pre-recorded noise cancellation profiles for more effective voice activation

MP3 and Wave Formats - Chose recording settings such as bit rate, sample rate, mono, stereo, and more

File Splitter - Split large recordings into manageable sizes based on size or length of recordings

Note: This product is designed for parents to track or monitor their underage children.


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